Strategic Plan

At the 2013 Annual Meeting, the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys Board of Directors announced the launch of a new strategic planning process, to be completed in June 2013.

The Strategic Planning Committee of the Board, comprised of board members, operational volunteers, and staff, worked through the spring months of 2013 to identify the most urgent priorities for the council over the next three years.

The Board of Directors reviewed and adopted the committee’s recommendations as the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan at its June 2013 meeting

The plan identifies five priority areas: program, volunteerism, technology, funding, and a culture of engagement.

Strategic Priority: Program


To meet the changing realities of today’s demographic, economic, and family life, Girl Scouts must create:

  • a flexible and easy to administer program addressing the needs of girls and volunteers;
  • experiences that are unique and competitively valued; and
  • delivery models, mechanisms, and channels to meet the needs of a diverse population of girls.


Provide volunteers the support and materials needed to deliver a fun and easy core program that engages and retains girls and leaders.


  • Expand range and promotion of online resources, including online training;

  • Enhance program support, especially at key entry (K-3) and attrition points (Grade 4); and

  • Leverage collaborations and partnerships to strengthen program event offerings.


  • 90% of new troop leaders will indicate familiarity with activity plans.
  • 93% of girls and parents will rate program events as good to excellent.
  • 8,300 girls will participate in program events.

Strategic Priority: Volunteerism


Volunteers are essential to delivering the Girl Scout mission. To engage more volunteers who have the skills, knowledge, and commitment to successfully build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place, Girl Scouts River Valleys must create:

  • A sustainable and inclusive volunteer model that meets the needs of the diverse RV community; and
  • Volunteer positions, competencies, and development opportunities that support volunteer success.


Improve engagement, access, and efficiency throughout the volunteer life cycle.


  • Implement and fully utilize a customer relationship management tool (Salesforce)

  • Develop and execute a volunteer recruitment marketing plan

  • Align staff and organizational structure to support recruitment and retention.


  • 10% increase in new leader retention.

90% of volunteers using learning resources report expectations met or exceeded.

Strategic Priority: Technology


To support and sustain mission delivery, Girl Scouts River Valleys must use dynamic and responsive technologies to:

  • Seamlessly serve girls, parents, volunteers, and donors;
  • Support a culture of innovation; and
  • Reach targeted audiences to create engagement and disseminate messages.


Support the implementation of other key strategic priorities, including the volunteerism, retention, and digital cookie sales projects.


  • Provide review of processes and controls

  • Ensure accuracy of data

  • Create relevant, understandable, content that is secure with real time ease of access;


Detailed deliverables and timeline are met

Strategic Priority: Funding


To fund the Movement and deliver our mission, we must diversify our sources of funding.


Increase contributed income.


  • Revitalize member/family giving campaign.

  • Create partnerships to deliver program that include shared investments and assets.


Investigate social entrepreneurship opportunities.


Convene committee to investigate entrepreneurial opportunities to expand funding diversification.


Annual budget targets are met.

Strategic Priority: Culture of Engagement


Our people are the key to ensuring that Girl Scouts River Valleys remains strong and can deliver on its mission. To ensure success, we must:

  • Develop and cultivate relationships throughout all stakeholder groups that build strong advocates and supporters;
  • Achieve high levels of employee and volunteer engagement and performance;
  • Increase retention of employees and volunteers; and
  • Promote and exemplify organizational values.


Create conditions that support all stakeholders and encourage the development of community and exchange of ideas.


  • Provide targeted support and communication with troop leaders to ensure their experience is positive.

  • Offer customer service training widely for staff and service unit team volunteers.

  • Establish community forums, an online space for sharing and learning.

  • In collaboration with RV Facilitators develop an implementation plan for 21st Century learning philosophy.

  • Communicate a compelling case for Girl Scouting to all stakeholders.

  • Create and enforce accountabilities regarding organizational values for employees and volunteers.


  • 15% increase in new leader and service unit manager satisfaction.
  • 15% increase in retention of new leaders.
  • 90% of customer service tickets closed in 48 hours or less.


You can also view the FY2014 Plan of Work for Girl Scouts River Valleys, which describes the implementation of the plan in the current year.

Strategic Planning Committee


Michele Azar
Sarah Andersen
Emily Beaulieu
Kate Carroll
Aretha Green-Rupert
Beth Halleck
Gayle Hayhurst
Megan Hertzler
Micah Hines
Amy Kroll
Kim Lowe
Kathy May
Norma Porter
Carolyn Sandberg
Karen Snedeker
Janet Stacey
Olivia Trudeau
Beth Voermans
Deb Wilkinson
Brooke Worden
Pang Xiong
Janet Yeomans


Missi Arens
Tisha Bolger
Angie Deegan
Edie Deering
Janet Gracia
Linda Keene
Rosanne Malevich
Celina Martina
Scott Schufman
Elaine Wyatt