Troop 56749 Plants Flowers for the Oakdale City Hall

Troop 56749

These Brownies showed their love for our planet by planting flowers at the Oakdale City Hall. This city hall is home to the girls’ troop meetings and every year they do at least one or more community projects there (along with adjoining parks and fields). The girls were asked by a master gardener, Jane, from the University of Minnesota to help plant around the city hall walkway and the police department memorial. The girls dug the holes, filled them with plants of colorful varieties like red, white, blue, and purple, and even added flower food to help nourish them. To top it off, the girls also pulled weeds around the memorial to give it a polished look! These new flowers were admired and enjoyed by many who walked along the memorial and walkway path. The girls are proud of the flowers that made the city hall beautiful.


Troop 56749 was contacted by the city council to attend a televised meeting at the city hall with city legislator, there they received a pin and award from Mayor Stan Karwoski and council members, Kristen Cici, Bill Rasmussen, Paul Reinke, and Lori Pulkrabek for the service they did for the community. Congratulations girls!


This isn’t the end of their planet-loving adventures, they’ve been asked to help plants trees this fall and are looking forward to this new and exciting project!