Property Update: Rolling Ridges

Rolling Ridges, a property located in the Town of Hudson, Wisconsin, has been for sale for several years after being decommissioned as a camp in 2010.

River Valleys was pleased with an offer to purchase Rolling Ridges to be used as an event center and family retreat campground. The buyer’s proposed use was consistent with the manner in which Girl Scouts had been using the property. Moreover, the green space would have been preserved, consistent with Girl Scouts’ value of land stewardship.

However, the town of Hudson maintains that the buyer needs a special exception to the zoning ordinance to use the land and facilities as intended. Since River Valleys acquired the property, zoning has changed to Agricultural and Residential. The town board voted against the buyer’s request for a special exception. 

While River Valleys maintains that they have not lost their rights to use the property as it had always been used, they have been forced to evaluate other permitted uses for the land. River Valleys is working with a planning and engineering firm, Westwood Professional Services, to evaluate and create a plan for residential development on the 143 acres. 

We will also continue to work with the town board in the event that they reconsider their position.