Vibrant Gold Award Project Calms Patients in Need

Gold Award - Brain Injury + Stroke Recovery

As part of her Gold Award project on Brain Injury and Stroke Recovery, Erin Hill presented staff and patients of University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital with seven body socks. These bright, stretchy tools apply pressure on the central nervous system, which can calm individuals and assist with sensory regulation. Often, patients need body socks but cannot afford their own.

That’s where Erin, a junior at Roseville Area High School, came in. She researched, designed, and sewed these body socks and fundraised to donate them to the Child/Adolescent Mental Health and Intensive Treatment Center. She also created step-by-step directions and photos for making future body socks and other therapeutic sewing projects.

To learn more about Erin’s inspiring project, read more on the Fairview Health Services blog or visit Erin’s website.