Go Over the Edge for Girl Scouts!

Go Over the Edge for Girl Scouts!River Valleys’ CEO Tish Bolger tells all on taking risks, what makes her feel fearless, and why she is going Over the Edge – and why you should too!

As humans, we all feel fear. That terrifying moment, when you hold your breath, hoping for the best. Sometimes it happens before a dance performance, a challenging exam, or presentation in front of a large group. When Tish starts to feel those feelings, she takes a step back. “I remind myself it’s all in my mind,” she says. “That 80% of fears never happen.” After examining her own fears, she asks herself: what’s the worst that could happen? After that moment she takes a deep breath and tackles those fears head on!

Tish is taking on a challenge by going Over the Edge on June 9 and rappelling 9 stories down an urban high-rise to build more opportunities for the courageous girls of River Valleys! While rappelling 119 feet down the US Bank Building may seem like a crazy risk, Tish reminds us that risks help us grow. “Risks teach us more about ourselves and get us out of our comfort zone to do something different, “ she shares.

As Tish prepares to take the leap for leadership, she encourages all Girl Scout supporters (and anyone who wants to see girls reach their potential) to get involved. Girl Scouting gives girls the chance to do big things. Girls take risks and get support from other girls and adults who cheer them on – all in a safe environment where girls can push themselves, face their fears, and succeed.

“Everyone has greatness inside of them if they challenge themselves enough,” says Tish. It is her hope to see the fearless leaders of Girl Scouts join her in going Over the Edge, to find what keeps them alive and inspire both girls and others to find what they were meant to do.

The Over the Edge event will raise money to transform Camp Edith Mayo and Program Center into a dynamic space for girls, volunteers, community members and local organizations.

Sign up to take the leap, and join us on June 9, 2016 at the US Bank building in downtown Rochester, Minnesota.

You can also explore what it takes to go Over the Edge from other Girl Scout councils that have gone before! Hear the message from Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey and their CEO’s journey Over the Edge in this great video.

For more information, check out our Over the Edge webpage, or contact Ashleyn Przedwiecki at overtheedge@girlscoutsrv.org or 651-251-1204.