Good Neighbors + Friends

Good Neighbors + Friends 1When girls work together, they can make a big impact in their community! These Girl Scouts in Troop 25258 are positively influencing their community of Northfield, MN – and learning about themselves in the process. We are so thankful to Jenny for the great work she and her troop are doing, and for sharing her story with us.

By Jenny Pelletier, Cadette Troop Leader

One of the high points for me as a leader has been watching our girls grow acquainted with several women a local group home. Fortunately, I do believe the girls have found this relationship building very rewarding, too. Starting in kindergarten, we began pairing up for all sorts of activities with these friends who have developmental disabilities.

For seven years now, they’ve baked, created crafts, made dog chew ties for the animal shelter, put birthday packages together for the food shelter, played soccer, and done many more activities with these ladies. This past year, the girls attended a memorial service for one of the women in the group who had died, and were touched to hear how meaningful their visits were to her!

In the fall of 2014, our troop was awarded the “Good Neighbor Award” by Laura Baker Services Association and Provider’s Network, Inc. Being invited to a dinner banquet and award presentation was certainly a thrill for the troop! This ongoing relationship-building will make a lifelong impact on how these girls view the people around them.