Girl Scouts Are Going Places – Piper’s Moroccan Mountain Climbing


Summiting a mountain was a huge challenge, yet it’s Piper’s favorite memory from Morocco.

“It was a two-day trip—one day up and one down,” says Piper.  “I loved it because it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and it was definitely one of my biggest accomplishments.”

As a River Valleys Girl Scout, Piper is going places. She first took advantage of the opportunity to travel with Girl Scouts through our Destinations program when she went to Costa Rica in 8th grade. She had such a blast during her Costa Rica experience that she signed up for another adventure to Morocco last summer.

Even though she didn’t know anybody on the trips at first, Piper pushed herself out of her comfort zone to make friends. After both of these travel experiences, Piper became more outgoing and comfortable being herself in unfamiliar settings.

“It opened my eyes to the world. Because of these trips I have gained confidence in myself, grown more independent, and gained a worldwide perspective. It has broadened my horizon to how different countries work and how people live.”

Girl Scouts are going places — in so many ways! Not only did Piper travel to new places, she also took a journey of her own and underwent a process of personal change and development on each trip.

“After my trip, I feel like I can push myself to do anything,” says Piper.

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