The Impact of Girl Scouts | Kira’s Story


Kira was one of over 1,300 girls that attended resident camp with Girl Scouts River Valleys this summer and she has an extra special camp story.

Because she is blind, most people think that Kira isn’t able to do the things other 11-year-old girls do. But Kira has the most positive attitude and perspective on life and doesn’t let anything stop her.

“I can do anything, unless I don’t want to. If I think I can’t do something, it’s because of a lack of imagination.”

This mentality provided an awesome experience for not only Kira, but for all the other campers around her. Kira attended Splash On! Camp this summer with her friends Aaliyah and Sophia for her first resident camp experience ever. As you might guess, Splash On! is a camp filled with water activities like canoeing, paddle boarding, and swimming.

At first, Kira was bummed that there wasn’t a tandem kayak at camp because she didn’t feel comfortable kayaking alone. She didn’t let that get in the way of her having a good time, though. Instead, she took the opportunity to canoe with her friend Aaliyah.

Kira was able to participate in everything she wanted to at camp because of the caring, inclusive community Girl Scouts creates. With the support of friends Aaliyah and Sophia, her other cabin mates, and camp counselors, Kira was able to do a lot of things at camp that many people would assume she couldn’t do, like paddle board on the lake by herself. Her camp experience was so great that she is already planning for next year and beyond.

“I want to do overnight camp again! I want to go to a 13-day older girl camp where they hike and put down a tent to sleep in.”

Not surprisingly, based on her love of being outdoors, Kira says her favorite thing about Girl Scouts is trying new things and helping the environment. One of her favorite activities this past year was a service unit Earth Day clean up event. It was hosted at a nearby park and what made it so fun was a contest for the craziest thing they could find while cleaning up. Kira could rattle off a whole list of the crazy things, but her favorite was a tire she and her group found.

Kira has also enjoyed the friendships she’s been able to build through the sisterhood of Girl Scouts. Her mom said, “I always thought friendships would be important for Kira and one of the reasons why I started her in Girl Scouts.” Her two best friends, Aaliyah and Sophia, shared their first camp experience with Kira this year. The trio really support each other and make it through challenging and discouraging moments together.

Kira is truly an inspiration. She will be the first completely blind person to go to her middle school without full-time paraprofessional support. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, the easy answer for Kira is a scientist. There’s no doubt she will make that happen, and Girl Scouts will help get her there.


  1. Anne Noonan says

    What a story! I’m writing down Kira’s “I can do anything…” quote and saving it to look at whenever I wonder about the possibility of something, the scope of people’s abilities, or the role of attitude. Can an 11-year-old girl be an inspiration to an adult? Resoundingly yes! Thank you, Girl Scouts, for sharing this story and for being there to support and uplift girls of all types. Well done!

  2. Lynn McNamara says

    Dear Kira,
    I am not sure if you remember me, but I most certainly remember you – I was a para in your preschool class at Thomas Lake Elementary. I am so thankful for this fun and wonderful update, as I still use the lovely bookmark you made me and think of you so often – wondering, of course, about the adventures you are experiencing. Nothing will surprise me about you, dear girl, as I always knew you were amazing 🙂 Thanks so much for the update and please check in again – you just put such a big smile on my face 🙂 Ms. Lynn

  3. Paula Monahan says

    How wonderful to read about Kira’s GS Camp experiences. It really reinforces the great value of the GS program. You may not remember me, but I worked with Sue at Abbott in Sartell. I clearly remember the day Kira was born & have said many prayers for her & Sue & your family. You are such an inspiration! I’m thrilled to know she’s doing so well, but not at all surprised!! God bless you all!

  4. Susan and Raff says

    So great to get caught up with Kira who inspires us so much! Congratulations on an awesome camp experience, Kira. You have a big, village of supporters and admirers.

  5. Brenda Laux says

    This is such an amazing story about your amazing daughter. I am so happy she is doing so well and thriving. What a wonderful experience to enjoy the beauty God has given us in the outdoors. Take care and God bless. Brenda Laux, UP of Michigan