Lake Nokomis Encampment with Special Guests

During the summer months, many service units coordinate encampments (camping weekends) for their troops. These events are a great way for girls and volunteers to meet other people in their service unit and participate in fun and unique activities.

This month the Lake Nokomis Service Unit hosted an encampment for their girls with a fun mix of traditional and non-traditional activities. The girls did everything from arts and crafts and a medallion hunt to archery and kayaking. Some of the highlights from the weekend were programs put on by volunteers from other organizations.

Girls playing guitars

She Rock She Rock, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women and girls through the art of music, generously donated their time and talent by running a clinic for Girl Scouts at the encampment. They taught girls how to write song lyrics, play the guitar and drums, talked about girl empowerment through music, and hosted a “musical instrument petting zoo” for the younger girls so they could touch and play with a variety of instruments. In the evening, Cadence & the Wolf, a She Rock She Rock band, performed an hour-long rock concert for the girls.

Encampment Fishing

Midwest Extreme Outdoor, an organization that is passionate about providing resources to get people involved in the outdoors, also visited the encampment to provide their expertise. This group of volunteers donated their time, fishing gear, and bait as they taught Girl Scouts to cast, apply bait, and pull in the fish.

We spoke with Tracy Appelbaum, encampment chair, who said the day was, “Really magical. It was neat to expose the girls to something different, something new!”

Has your service unit coordinated a fun event or encampment? Share your story with us!