New Website Design Preview

new website preview

Beginning in early July, will be transitioning to a new web theme. The site will retain the same structure with a few minor exceptions but will look different. Here are some of the most noticeable changes:

Mobile Responsive

Over the last year, 34 percent of our website sessions were from mobile devices and tablets, a number that’s been growing each year. This new theme automatically re-sizes as appropriate for smaller screens, giving all visitors to our website a much better experience.

Clean Look

Our new theme takes away distracting elements, letting our content shine! Take a sneak peek of what pages look like with this new, cleaner theme.

Enhanced Searching for Events

When moving to the new theme, visitors will have advanced search capabilities on our events page, making it easier to search for events by location, keywords, and categories such as program grade levels and skill-building areas. search functionImprovements have also been made to the event listings themselves, including paper forms that match the type of event.

Same Navigation + Links

The navigation structure is exactly the same with the new site, and addresses are not changing. There are a few exceptions of outdated pages being removed.

Consolidation of Content

A few pages from the Girls + Families section, those targeting new families, have been moved to, our special site for new families. Traffic will be re-directed.


  1. Kevin Carlson says

    I believe the current membership would really appreciate a member community login or link to the login from the home page. As it is now, the members must select the JOIN button at home to eventually access the community. I also shared this with Cheryl Kaplan, Director of Information Technology.

    • Elaina Buzzell says

      Kevin, thanks for looking at the new site and sharing your feedback. You make a good point, and I will update the language in our footer links to read “Login to the Member Community”. Those links are available on every page of our site (in addition to the homepage).
      – Elaina Buzzell, Manager of Online Marketing