Cookie Booth of the Week: Week 6

Wow! Has it really been six weeks already? A huge thank you to everyone who entered the Cookie Booth of the Week contest. Come back next week to find out which one of our winners is chosen as Cookie Booth of the Year.

Did Some-Bunny Say Cookies?


Troop 54692 knows that nothing fits in a basket quite like a package or two (or three) of Girl Scout Cookies.

Last Call for Super Cookies


Even super héros can’t make the cookie sale last longer than just six weeks. Great job Troop 56723!

Larger Than Life


What better way to let customers know about the cookies than with wonderful over-size depictions of each cookie. What your favorite cookie Troop 55821?

Last Chance!

Troop 52754 knows that creating a sense of urgency can be a great marketing promotion. Have a great time in Europe!

Straight to the Point


Troop 56853 knows that sometimes it’s best to just get right to the point. There’s just one day left to buy cookies and if you can’t eat ’em, treat ’em.