Cookie Booth of the Week: Week 4

A big thank you to all the troops who added entered the fourth round of Cookie Booth of the Week Contest. Each week brings some fun new creativity!

Seven Cookies from Heaven


Troop 44633 knows that Girl Scout Cookies are the best!

What’s Your Cookie Personality?



Troop 53234 helps customers find their perfect cookie match. “Need a loyal friend? Tagalongs will always be by your side.”

Fresh From the Ovencookies-56167

Troop 56167 shows their customers that the best Girl Scout Cookies are baked fresh just for them.

Birthday Party!


Troop 12020 threw an impromptu birthday party at their cookie booth. Be sure to check out the drawing of their entire troop in the poster.

Smart Cookies


Troop 56440 knows the Cookie Program is about more than just delicious cookies. They showcased the five business skills they are learning.