Board Approves Recommendations of Property Committee

trefoilAt its February 21 meeting, the Board of Directors of the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys approved the recommendations of the board-appointed property committee.

The board approved the following:

  • Invest in Edith Mayo to develop it as an urban camp;
  • Decommission Camp Whispering Hills with intent to sell the property through the Trust for Public Land;
  • Maintain Camp Lakamaga and Camp Elk River as core four-season camp properties;
  • Maintain Camp Signing Hills and Camp Northwoods as core three-season camp properties;
  • Compress Girl Scout Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys council programming at resident camps to a six-week schedule;
  • Engage Metropolitan Council on Camp Lockeslea for positive terms for leaseback;
  • Sell Redwood Falls and Northfield council-owned buildings;
  • Consolidate metro area staff functions to St. Paul Service Center;
  • Maintain Brooklyn Center Service Center as a flexible use facility.
  • Authorize staff to explore retail service delivery options throughout council jurisdiction and provide recommendations to the board; and,
  • Authorize staff to evaluate the potential of monetary and in-kind gifts for capital improvements; revision of rental policies and procedures; and development of partnerships with neighboring councils and other youth-serving organizations to identify locations to execute outdoor program.

The property committee arrived at these recommendations after more than a year of evaluation and consultation. You can read more about the process the committee followed and the full text of the recommendations below:


  1. terry smigielski says

    I gave been active in Rochester scouts since ’88 & a life time member. Tho I am glad to see Edith Mayo being improved (?) I am extremely disappointed in the lack of commitment of this council to improve & maintain Whispering Hills. We worked hard to do this before we lost the River Trails council & many improvements were done. It is sad to see that a camp that serves girls in a far area of the new council is so easily discarded.

  2. Nicole Schossow says

    I heard the news today that Whispering Hills will be sold and am so very sad about that. That piece of land is a treasure and many people and animals find refuge there. What is worse is that after the most recent storm damage, it was left to rot so that there was no other choice to be made but to sell. I only wish some of the people who have made the awful decisions had ready some of the comments by Les Blacklock and other naturalists who had the privilege to enjoy this piece of paradise.