Cookie Booth of the Week: Week 3

A big thank you to all the troops who added entered the third round of Cookie Booth of the Week Contest. All of the entries have been so fun and creative—keep up the great work!

It’s Easy To Be Green





Troop 13502 knows there’s more than one way to be green. Have a great time in Portland!

Paper Daisies

Troop 17519 proves a little paint and paper can go a long way to help make an attractive cookie booth.

Larger Than Life


Troop 14736 lets the cookies speak for themselves with their larger-than-life, artistic cookie creations.

Deluxe Cookie Booth

Troop 33752 made sure to cover all their bases in their cookie booth: homemade cookie costumes, donation promotion, attractive decorations, and plenty of Girl Scouts!

Cookie Luau

Troop 53230 brings thoughts of summer to their customers with their luau cookie booth. They also showcase how they have grown up with Girl Scouts through the years with a photo collage down memory lane.