Cookies on the Go


Show us how your Girl Scouts take their cookies on the go for door-to-door sales by entering the Cookies on the Go contest. Do they carry cookies, load a sled, or pack a wagon?

Take your Girl Scouts selling door-to-door beginning March 14, and send us a picture to enter!

Entry Requirements

  • Girls must identify themselves as Girl Scouts. They should be in uniform, wearing Girl Scout apparel, or a Girl Scout pin.
  • A photo must be submitted via email to, with the understanding that photos will become the property of Girl Scouts River Valleys and free to use in promotion of the Cookie Program.
  • Photos must be of Girl Scouts out selling cookies door-to-door on or after March 14.
  • Each Girl Scout may only be entered in a photo once.

How to Submit Your Photo

  • Email your photo to with “Cookies on the Go” in the subject line. Include your troop number and the names of the Girl Scouts in the photo in the body of the email.
  • We also encourage you to share your photo on our Facebook page as well. Please remember not to include any identifying information other than your troop number on our Facebook page.


  • The first 100 Girl Scouts in photos emailed to us will receive a Cookies on the Go patch.


  1. eric gohdes says

    The idea is that girl scouts sell door to door throughout the sale period instead of only early in sale time frame. So contest is last 2 weeks only.