Digital Cookie Q + A

With much national press about the Girl Scouts of the USA roll-out of the Digital Cookie program, we know our members have questions. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked:

Is GSRV participating in Digital Cookie? 
The short answer is no. Not all Girl Scout councils are utilizing Digital Cookie. As you may know, Girl Scouts of the USA is split into councils, which make decisions at the local level. The decision of whether or not to participate in Digital Cookie was determined on a council-by-council basis. The GSRV council had to determine the best decision for our area.

Wasn’t GSRV already selling cookies online last year?
Yes, last year River Valleys created and tested the Digital Cookie concept with the support of GSUSA. We had 80 Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts who sold just over 2,400 packages online last year. The program moved this year from a council program to a national program.

Why isn’t GSRV using Digital Cookie this year?
We definitely understand that there are girls who have been looking forward to this opportunity. This was not an easy decision for us to make and we share in the disappointment felt by our girls and volunteers.

Here are a few reasons we will not be participating this year:

  • Non-competitive shipping costs that River Valleys cannot change ($11.25 minimum)
  • Additional credit card processing fees to consumers for girl delivery and donation ($1.25 minimum)
  • Loss of the Cookie Club for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors that are not eligible locally for participation in the Digital Cookie program
  • Uncertainty regarding customer privacy
  • Uncertainty of new, untested technology working well for girls, volunteers, and customers
  • Uncertainty of Digital Cookie costs to the council in 2016

Are most other councils using Digital Cookie?
At last count, 52 of 77 councils who purchase their cookies from Little Brownie Bakers are using Digital Cookie. The other councils who purchase from ABC Bakers (about 35) have their own platform, which will eventually be phased out and replaced with Digital Cookie.

Can customers buy online through other councils?
No, Digital Cookie isn’t an online store for cookies. As a precaution, Girl Scouts will initiate all sales. Customers won’t be able to order cookies online unless a Girl Scout directly contacts them. This does not change typical cookie season timelines, either.

Do you think GSRV will consider selling online in the future?
Yes, we are hoping that the risks listed above will be sorted out when it is time to make the decision for the 2016 Cookie Program.