Local Girl Scout Increases Community’s Health Literacy

5330abbac7f9a.imagePhoto Credit: Post-Bulletin

Krysta White grew up like any other teenager her age. She was on her high school’s dance team, taught Zumba, volunteered at her local library, and had been a Girl Scout since kindergarten.

However, unlike most of her peers, Krysta was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a disease only 5% of people with diabetes have.

Being an adolescent is challenging enough without having a health condition, but Krysta was determined to regain a healthy lifestyle.

After her diagnosis, Krysta started reading books at her library about nutrition, diabetes, and other health conditions.

“I realized a lot of people didn’t know that our local library had these types of books. There are so many helpful books on healthy living, but no one was checking these resources out,” said Krysta.

This discovery sparked the basis of Krysta’s Girl Scout Gold Award project, the highest and most prestigious honor in Girl Scouts.

To raise awareness about the connection between good nutrition and disease prevention, Krysta partnered with the Rochester Public Library and the People’s Food Co-op of Rochester. The Rochester Public Library let Krysta create a library of health and nutrition related books to be housed at the People’s Food Co-op.

“People can go to the Co-op and check out books right there. There are also new books filtered in routinely. Luckily, the Co-op has continued to run the library even after I completed my Gold Award project,” described Krysta.

After only a month of Krysta’s library being in place at the Co-op, more than half of the books had been checked out.

“The manager of the People’s Food Co-op has told me how hard it’s been to keep the shelves stocked with books! It is a great feeling knowing people are actually using this resource and bettering themselves,” Krysta said.

Girl Scout Gold Award projects provide girls, like Krysta, an opportunity to discover important community issues that they truly care about. Through Krysta’s own experience with diabetes, she was able to take action and help her community become more aware of healthy living habits.