2014 Girl Scout Silver & Gold Award Ceremonies

In 2014, 434 amazing young women from Girl Scouts River Valleys earned their Girl Scout Silver or Gold Award, representing more than 23,000 hours served in their local and global communities.

To earn the Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards, girls must first complete pre-requisites where they discover new skills, connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place. Then, girls develop a project based on the needs of the community and their own interests. Girls show active leadership skills as they plan and carry out a sustainable project with others in their community.

This year’s Silver and Gold Award recipients were honored during ceremonies on May 18 in Owatonna, and June 1 in Minneapolis.  Heather Harden, LPL Financial branch manager and former KMSP-TV news anchor, gave an inspiring keynote address at each ceremony. Heather encouraged girls to become young women leaders, and spoke to the Ban Bossy campaign – a public service campaign by Girl Scouts of the USA and LeanIn.Org.

“When…and I do mean when…you are called “bossy” or “pushy” just for following your own path, your own agenda, your intuition, or your sense of what you think will work, go deaf. Don’t hear those words. Don’t internalize them.”  – Heather Harden


We are proud of the commitment, leadership, and action demonstrated by this year’s award recipients. Congratulations to all of our 2014 Silver and Gold Award Recipients!

Owatonna Recipients




Minneapolis Recipients




More Minneapolis and Owatonna photos on Facebook.


  1. Kirsten Dutton says

    Will the rest of the photos be posted to your flickr page like they were last year? The photographer took lots of other photos it would be lovely to see. Thanks.

  2. Ruth Rustad says

    It’s nice to see that many girls got these awards, but disappointing that what they did to earn their Silver awards and Gold awards were not even mentioned.
    These are significant awards, yet to only comment on the speaker diminishes what the girls themselves accomplished. Also, why lump Silver and Gold together? They are distinctly different – in requirements, commitment, etc, yet are both important.
    I wish the GS organization would show more support and encouragement by highlighting these important accomplishments. This newsletter could be a great format for listing what each girl did to earn their respective award, yet the only info given is these unidentified photos, without any info as to who did what to earn what! It is not the photo that is the important part; it is listing what the girl did for their project that is the inspiring part. It is sad that this was not part of the article about these awards.
    [People in the community know what a Boy Scout Eagle Award is and stands for, yet even within the GS community, many people do not know what a Gold Award, which is equivalent to an Eagle Award, even is!]
    An important first step in encouraging girls to strive for these important goals is to provide role models of girls doing them. Please let the younger girls know what their older GS have done!

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Ruth, thank you for your feedback. We may post stories on individual Gold and Silver Award recipients later in the year, as we have done in years past. We also highlight these individual stories on our Facebook and Pinterest accounts. We share this more general story early in the season, as many people are looking for this information and the pictures from the event.

  3. Kirsten Dutton says

    I love the descriptions of the girls’ gold award projects that are in the program from the ceremony. It is unfortunate this information isn’t available on the website somewhere not only to celebrate these young ladies, but also to provide inspiration to others and help them understand the awards!

  4. cindy says

    question: My girls were not able to attend the ceremony, will they be receiving their Silver award in the mail, or how do I go about picking up their award?


    • Kristen Neurer says

      Pins must be picked up from a Service Center. To request pins, contact:
      Ruth Lutmer
      Administrative Assistant – Troop Support
      Direct: 763-971-4045
      Toll Free: 800-845-0787 ext. 1145

  5. Janet Maddalena says

    Please publish the names of the recipients and a paragraph description of their Gold Award project. They deserve the recognition for their hard work and to be an inspiration for younger scouts. Thanks!