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Girl Scouts Tour Monticello Training Center

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blog_MonticelloTrainingA total of 85 Girl Scouts between fourth and eighth grade and 25 leaders learned about nuclear science at the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant Training Center on May 10.

Scouts from Monticello, Buffalo and St. Michael, multiple Twin Cities suburbs and as far away as New Ulm rotated through six activities to earn their nuclear science and technology activity patch, including:

  • Simulator demonstration
  • Atomic Jeopardy to learn about nuclear science terms
  • Detecting radiation
  • Fission and power: learning how fission helps a boiling water reactor make electricity
  • Working safely in the plant by practicing dressing up in a ‘yellow nuclear suit’
  • Detecting the atom by mimicking Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment to discover something you can’t see by watching its reaction with its environment.

Similar events are scheduled for September at both Monticello and Prairie Island.  Registration can be found on the River Valleys Girl Scout Website.

Thanks to Julie Weber, Xcel Energy, Monticello Operations for the story.

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