Working Together Works Better

Blog_WackyInventors_movement At Wacky Inventors, Girl Scouts used their imaginations and their planning skills to solve engineering challenges. Young inventors warmed up their minds by sharing creative movement ideas and building towers from newspaper, as they imagined great ways to improve tools they use every day. Then they were ready for the main challenge – a chain reaction or Rube Goldberg machine that would squeeze toothpaste out of a tube. (Don’t we all need one of those?!)


As the teams got down to business, they quickly realized they needed everyone’s ideas to find a solution: “working together works better.”

Blog_WackyInventors_GroupWorkSome girls shared their visions of possible machines with their group while others carefully diagrammed how their elements would fit together and others scoured the supply table for items they could use.


As each group added another element, a cheer would be heard across the room after a successful test run. Of course, no one’s was perfect the first time, but according to one inventor, “you have to keep trying ‘till you get it right.”

In the end, everyone had triumphs to report and left with the knowledge that, as one participant said, “you can be good at science even if you don’t think you are really good.”