Eating is the Easy Part

Blog_EarthDanceFarmSeveral local troops got a hands-on lesson about the farming cycle on Saturday, May 3. Troops 44607 (4th grade), 44735 (5th grade), and 44923 (5th & 6th grade) helped remove hay from garlic plants at Earth Dance Farm, an organic farm in Spring Valley, Minnesota.

The girls also enjoyed a tour of the farm where they met chickens, goats, a very friendly puppy and were able to see the greenhouse with veggies and herbs ready to enter the ground.

The troop had previously discussed how food gets to their plates (do French fries grow from the ground? No, potatoes grow in the ground but need to go through a process to become French fries…), so they were able to connect that learning with the experience of seeing their food in its natural state.

Hauling the hay was also a good exercise in team work and persistence! Many asked after 10 minutes, “When are we leaving?” The answer was, “Not until we’re done, keep working!

All that effort gave the girls a new appreciation for the time it takes to get meals from the ground to the table.

Farming is a lot of work. Eating is the easy (and fun) part!