What’s a Boomwhacker? Our Juniors know!

blog_musician_badge_theworksGirl Scout Juniors attended Musician Badge Day at The Works in Bloomington on Saturday, April 26, 2014.  At this event girls learned about music instruments and three instrument families:  strings, percussion and wind. They experimented with xylophones, metal slinkies and boomwhackers (percussion tubes) to make different sounds. A highlight for the girls was designing and making their own “ear harps” – a flat wooden string instrument using nails and rubber bands.  According to staff from The Works, the girls were such great listeners and builders that they were able to cover more topics than normal.

Troops also took time to explore the museum. Exhibits, programs and design challenges at The Works engage kids in science, technology, and engineering and make learning memorable and fun. They are a great partner for Girl Scout events!