Camp Makes a Difference

“The skills, experiences, and memories my daughter gains from camp will stay with her for a lifetime.” –Parent of River Valleys Camper



Backed by more than 100 years of experience, Girl Scout camps provide a unique opportunity for girls to build independence, develop social skills, and explore new interests. Camp is a place for girls to grow, explore, and have fun. At camp, girls learn the value of cooperation and team building as they gain the confidence and skills they need to grow into healthy young women.

Camp Experiences Foster Independence

Girl Scout camp is a perfect place for children to practice making decisions and meeting challenges, independent of parents or teachers. Camp is a safe place filled with many firsts. Whether kids experience their first overnight away from family or gather around a campfire to make their first s’more, camp is a chance to grow.  At camp, girls make choices and meet challenges in a structured, supportive, supervised environment. Righting a capsized canoe, completing the low-ropes course, or planning a cook-out; camp experiences are opportunities to practice problem-solving, a key developmental skill.

At Camp, Girls Build Social Skills

Living in community at camp is a great way for young people to practice teamwork, communication, and conflict-resolution. Camp brings together people from different backgrounds; and coming to camp means joining a community where everyone agrees to cooperate and respect each other. Many camps begin each session with team building, cooperative-games, or low-ropes activities facilitated by trained staff. These activities are fun with an important purpose: to strengthen group connections, improve communication, and build trust.

Camp is a Place to Grow, Explore + Have Fun

The value of an outdoor experience in a child’s life is beyond measure. The outdoors not only offers adventure and challenge – it offers FUN! Camp provides a safe place for young people to try new things and challenge themselves. In a recent study by the American Camping Association, more than 7 in 10 campers reported, “At camp, I did things I was afraid to do at first.”

Campers Make Incredible Memories

80% of Girl Scouts who have been to camp said it was their #1 most memorable outdoor activity in Girl Scouts. Girl Scout camp is a great place for girls to explore leadership, build skills, make memories, and develop an appreciation for nature. Whether they go for a day, week, or longer, every child deserves a chance to camp!