Spring Science Enrichment Opportunities

Encourage your future scientists and engineers with these great upcoming science, technology, engineering, and math programs.



Science of Healthy Living

April 12, May 24
Jump into a day of using your body and brain together to make a healthier you. Learn the nutrition behind your healthy snack, the technology used in treating and preventing injuries, and how athletes do everything from train to keep score.

Science Careers for a Better World

April 26
Meet professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math who make the world a better place. Find out what kinds of jobs are out there and what great things they do every day to improve our daily lives.

Girls Learn the Science of Makeup

May 17
Take a look at the science that goes into skin care and make up. Find out about the chemistry that goes into your favorite scents and lotions, and try creating your own.

Wacky Inventors

May 10
Spend the day learning about simple machines and get a sneak peak into the world of Robotics. Build your own Rube Goldberg machine using everyday objects, Legos, gears and pulleys.


  1. Geri says

    You should indicate the girl scout level as part of the descriptions so you don’t have to go into each one to find out if it is for your age category.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Geri, Thanks for your feedback. We’ll take that into consideration next time we post a similar article. Thanks for your interest in these events.