Cookie Clip Contest Winners

A big thank you to all the troops and Girl Scouts who entered the Cookie Clip contest. The videos showed the amazing creativity of River Valleys’ Girl Scouts.

Ambassador Troop 10155 – Infomercial

Cadette Troop 12965 – Girl Scout Channel

Cadette Troop 55818 – Brave

Cadette Troop 13940 – Cookie Congress

Junior Troop 12020 – It’s Cookie Time

Brownie Troop 16218 – Let’s Go To Horse Camp

Brownie Troop 16020 – Roar

Daisy Troop 56541 – One Smart Cookie

Daisy Troop 14572 – Diorama



    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Danielle, We grouped the six grade levels into three categories (Daisy/Brownie, Junior/Cadette, and Senior/Ambassador) to then have three winners per category for a total of nine winners. Since we had low participation at the Senior/Ambassador level, we awarded four winners to the other two categories.

  1. Danielle says

    In my opinion that doesn’t seem fair. I will try and explain this to my girls that worked hard as well that only one junior award was given.

  2. Mary says

    I don’t think it’s fair that you changed the amount of winners in each category. If your rules said 3 from each of your grouped level that’s what it should be. No matter if lower levels were “better”.It’s all about being fair and following rules,isn’t it?

  3. Girl Scouts River Valleys says

    Danielle, all the girls who entered the contest worked very hard—it was evident in watching all the clips. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please email

    Mary, we’re sorry if the explanation wasn’t clear. We only had one entry at the Senior/Ambassador level so we thought it would be appreciated if we awarded the two unused prizes to the younger grade levels.