Giving Back with Cookies

Community service has been a part of Girl Scouts since its founding in 1912, and one delicious way Girl Scouts support the community is through our cookie donation programs. Customers can purchase Girl Scout Cookies to be donated through one of two programs:

  • Operation Cookie Care Package – Cookies are donated to military men and women
  • Cookies for the Community – Cookies are donated to a nonprofit chosen by the Girl Scout troop



I Buy Girl Scout Cookies

The cookie donation programs are a great way to support your local Girl Scout if you have already had your fill of cookies or if you’re on a diet. Your cookie donation is tax deductible.

I’m a Girl Scout

Make sure to ask every customer if they would like to donate a package of cookies! They don’t know if you don’t ask! You can earn unique donation program rewards. Plus if you sell 250 or more donated packages, you’ll be invited to join our Dream Team and receive VIP seating this summer to an exclusive concert featuring Fifth Harmony.

I’m a Volunteer

Be sure your Girl Scouts promote the donation program your troop has chosen. Girls should have posters up at their cookie booths and ask every customer if they’d like to donate a package of cookies as part of their purchase.

We recommend troops participate in Cookies for the Community as it’s a great way to help manage your troop’s inventory. Each CFC package sold can help reduce any unsold cookies left toward the end of the sale. Learn more in our short video.