An Online Cookie Sales Pilot is Here

For years now, we have received questions from volunteers, parents and Girl Scouts about selling cookies online. We are happy to announce that in 2014 River Valleys will be piloting an online sales platform!

Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors will be able to sell Girl Scout Cookies online this year through the Digital Cookie Program.

How Will it Work?

blog-digital-websiteGirl Scouts River Valleys Seniors and Ambassadors will use a template to create a custom website with a photo or video, a few statements about their goals, and their package goals. Then starting February 8, girls will be able to send a link through a blind email address within the Digital Cookie Program or on social networking sites such as Facebook. When a customer visits a Girl Scout’s custom website, they can order cookies by the variety or choose to donate cookies through Operation Cookie Care Package.

In addition, the Digital Cookie Program will walk girls through the steps needed to earn a Cookie Business badge.

How Do Customers Get Cookies?

Customers will have the option to pay a flat rate of $5.95 to have their cookies shipped directly to their home, or they can request that the Girl Scout delivers the cookies.

Shipping Orders

River Valleys will handle packing and shipping all cookies directly to the customers. Cookies may only be shipped within River Valleys’ jurisdiction.

Delivery Orders

Delivery orders are requests only, and each girl’s parent/guardian will be able to review each order. If they approve the order, the girl will then be responsible for delivering the cookies. If the parent does not approve the order, then the order will be shipped by River Valleys, donated, or canceled, depending on the customer’s preference.

blog-cookie-goalsCan the Girls Earn Any Rewards?

Yes! All sales through the Digital Cookie Program will count toward our girl reward lineup. In addition, if a girl sends out at least 12 emails through the Digital Cookie Program, she will receive a special patch commemorating her participation in this revolutionary program. Additionally, for every 25 packages a girl sells through this program, she will be entered into a drawing.

  • One grand prize winner: MacBook Air
  • Three runner-ups: GoPro Video Camera

What Does This Mean for the Troop?

Every sale from the Digital Cookie Program will automatically update eBudde—meaning there’s no extra work for our volunteers. River Valleys will also be covering the credit card transaction fees.

How Does a Girl Scout Sign Up?

In the coming days, River Valleys will be emailing all parents/guardians of eligible Girl Scouts with instructions on how to log into the Digital Cookie Program for the first time. It will then be up to the parent/guardian to sign up their Girl Scout.


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Video Tutorials

Want to take a walk through all the functionality of the Digital Cookie Program? Just watch our video series.




  1. Beatrice Artadi says


    I’ve been looking for Thank you berry munch cookies in Minneapolis region but I cannot seem to find one when I visit the cookie booth. Is it because the thank you berry munch cookies no longer produced?

    Thank you for taking the time in answering my question.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Beatrice, Girl Scouts River Valleys’ Girl Scouts now only sell the six most popular varieties (Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Do-si-dos and Savannah Smiles). We no longer have the Thank U Berry Munch cookies available.

  2. Sandy Hutchens says

    I can’t find any link on your website where I can order cookies online. I can’t find any places close to me where I can purchase cookies. Can someone please help me.