Girl-Created Video Aims to Attract New ConnectZ Members

Ask the Girl Scouts in this new video what time it is, and they will probably yell back in chorus that it is “Girl Scout ConnectZ time!”

The ninth and tenth grade girls from Richfield, Armstrong, and Cooper High Schools were looking for a way to encourage participation in Girl Scouting through ConnectZ.

Working with Sprockets, a before and after school learning program dedicated to helping youth fulfill their potentials, the eight girls worked together to conceptualize and shoot the footage. In the video, the girls share the positive impact Girl Scouting has made in their lives: friendships, confidence, and a sense of community.

The diversity found in many of the ConnectZ troops is also what makes it such an inclusive environment. Two of the girls pointed out that everyone is welcome and to any Girl Scout they say, “You are my sister and I can trust you.”

Girl Scouting through ConnectZ gives 3,000 girls in underserved communities access to staff-led quality out-of-school activities that help prepare the girls for a positive future after high school.

Help the girls expand their circle of sisters, by sharing the video with girls and adults in your life!


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