Destinations Trip Fuels Love of Science + Travel



As twins, Ally and Mary have spent their lives sharing both the small and big moments with one another, and last summer was no different when the teens added weightlessness to their list of special moments.

The Lewiston, MN Girl Scout Cadettes experienced the feeling of weightlessness during a six-day Space Camp® experience at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center® in Huntsville, AL through the Girl Scouts’ destinations program.The 13-year-olds built friendships with 14 other Girl Scouts from around the country while they flew a simulated space shuttle mission to the International Space Station, conducted experiments, and completed a simulated space walk. Theory became reality as the girls worked on several different machines that mimicked zero gravity to demonstrate what astronauts experience in space.

The trip nurtured the girls’ growth in problem-solving and leadership skills while further fueling an interest in space that began in school. “I’ve always felt space was cool,” Ally said.

Already close, Ally and Mary learned to trust each other and work together even more through this trip. “We had to pay extra attention to each other like it was a real mission,” Mary said.

Back at home, Ally and Mary are already planning their next destinations trip to China with their troop that they hope to take within the next few years.