Cookie Advice from a Cookie Service Unit Manager


Even though Ellen Itskovich’s previous cookie experience was limited to supporting her daughters as they sold Girl Scout cookies, in 2013 she stepped up to fill the vacant Highlanders/Kewaydin service unit cookie manager position.

Once she was educated on all the channels available to troop leaders and parents, Ellen made it her top priority to create a supportive and informative cookie community across her service unit’s 40 troops.

Ellen’s Favorite Go-To Resources

Service Unit-Level Resources

Like many service units, Highlanders/Kewaydin Service Unit has a website. They also have two Facebook pages, with one dedicated to general Girl Scout information, and the other to cookies.

She also started a Google group to share information and connect with members of her service unit. She sent out resource reminders and tips through the cookie inventory software, eBuddy, and often included fun, Girl Scout cookie-themed cartoons in many of her Facebook posts.

Ellen’s Top Tips

As the service unit cookie manager, Ellen has learned key things that solved the majority of issues and improved the outcome for girls, families, and troops:

  1. Ask questions. You are most likely not the first person to ask the question, and there is an answer.
  2. Don’t procrastinate. Avoiding an inventory issue just creates anxiety. Don’t delay finding the answer, since there likely can be an easy solution if addressed early.
  3. Get online. There are resources and experts both locally and at the council level ready to tackle any issues that arise.
  4. Have a good attitude. Ellen looks at her role in the Cookie Program as an opportunity to grow her own skills while giving her daughters Sofia and Victoria a real-world experience selling products people love.

To find out what online resources individual service units have to offer, contact your local service unit cookie manager.


  1. Tim Pomeroy says

    The above link to the Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook is broke. I was really hoping to access that link since I am a new Cookie Manager for a new Brownie troop this year.