Sweet Rewards of Cookie Sales Send Girl Scout Overseas

blog-cookie-destinationsAs a long-time Girl Scout and cookie seller, Jessica Geroux, earned many rewards during the years she spent honing her business skills, but she found her favorite came in the form of Cookie Credits. Now a freshman at Michigan Tech, Jessica capped off her Girl Scout experience by traveling to the National Scout Jamboree in Norway in July, and she paid for the GSUSA Destinations trip through cookie credits

Norway is not the only trip she’s taken by earning Cookie Credits. Jessica loved the independence she felt during her trips to Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Costa Rica (twice), and the Channel Islands. Her travels allowed her to experience other cultures and make friends from around the world, who she keeps up with through Facebook.

As one of only five girls from the United States in Norway this summer, Jessica loved the opportunity to break some negative stereotypes of Americans through personal connections.

Jessica’s advice to Girl Scouts traveling abroad is to keep an open mind. “I have learned that being open with the rest of the group is the quickest way to make friends and create a stronger bond. The friends I have from each group are constant reminders of the memories I made.”

If a girl’s interests are closer to home, Jessica recommends using credits for Girl Scout programs, pointing out that her sister and her troop used their Cookie Credits to attend camp and buy toiletries, which they later donated to a local shelter as part of their Bronze Award.

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