STEM Passion Leads to Hollywood

blog-stem-and-hollywoodAndrea’s love of hands-on activities started early in her Girl Scout journey. Throughout the years, her passion for figuring out how things work sparked her interest in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) career.

As a high school senior and wanting to learn as much as possible about women in STEM careers, Andrea entered a contest promoted by Girl Scouts of the USA that paired girls with STEM mentors. In partnership with Thor:The Dark World, entry into the contest required each girl to reach out to a woman working in a STEM field and interview her about her work, how she got where she is professionally, and then gather insights as to how future girls can follow in her footsteps. Andrea connected with engineer Sara Escosa of Underwriters Laboratories in California.

Following their discussion, Andrea uploaded her video and highlighted what she has in common with Thor’s Jane Foster, the female lead who is an Astrophysicist and independent spirit who loves exploration.

Andrea was one of the ten finalists selected from across the country. For part of her award, she and a guest spent a week in California, meeting leading women in science, participating in experiments, and going behind-the-scenes at Dolby Laboratories and the Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D soundstage. She also got to attend Thor’s opening and saw one of its stars, Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet.



Now back at home, Andrea’s commitment to a STEM career is as strong as ever. She is even planning to study engineering at UW-Madison next fall. She is also working on ways that she too can encourage younger girls to follow their interest in STEM.