Girl Scouts Badge Extravaganzas

As the troop leader for both a Girl Scout Daisy and a Junior troop, Girl Scouts River Valleys volunteer, Danielle knows that girls are busy, and the key to success is keeping them interested. To make the most of the time the troops have together, Danielle has developed what’s become known as the Girl Scout Badge Extravaganza.


How the Extravaganzas Work

At the beginning of the school year, the girls decide which badges they want to earn as well as fun patches they want to experience. The extravaganzas then happen every few months. The Girl Scout Juniors spend the night (sleepovers are always a hit), and the Girl Scout Daisies join for specific events.

October’s adventure included:

  • A visit to the local police/fire station
  • Making cards for a recent Girl Scout Gold Award recipient in Louisiana battling cancer
  • Building a campfire
  • Making a one-pot dinner
  • Practicing bravery during a night hike
  • Working on the community cleanup materials
  • Discussing the power of optimism (the beach cleaned is known as Optimist Beach)
  • Worked with Daisies during cleanup
  • A discussion about the water table after cleanup efforts at White Bear Lake

During these extravaganzas, Danielle helps the girls sew the badges on their sashes and vests, so everyone goes home ready to show off what they’ve accomplished. Future extravaganzas will include more camping and work on their scribe badges through new Girl Guide pen pals they have in Africa, Venezuela, and California.

Danielle jokes that she will soon need a larger house, because the Juniors absolutely love their time together, and the Daisies look forward to joining in the overnight fun.


  1. Kim Lillie says


    I would like to find out how we would go about getting involved in the girl pen pals?

    What a great idea. This article is amazing with ideas.

  2. Danielle says

    I found the pen pals on Facebook. It’s titled girl scout and girl guide pen pals. Not sure if any others out there.

  3. Sara says

    I would love to see council sponsor something like this! My troop loves events where they get to meet other Girl Scouts. Living in west/central MN we do not get to participate in most council sponsored activities because they are too far away