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Girls have the ability to change the world around them. In Girl Scouts, girls can create their own leadership journey. Many girls join Girl Scouts not realizing how much potential they truly have.

Ani’s Story

blog-ani-storyAt 15 years old, Ani had already been written off as hopeless—a disheartening label for anyone, but at 15, an unbearable one. Her home was in emotional turmoil. The heaviness she felt followed her to school each day, and she was repeatedly sent to the principal’s office for disruptive behavior.

On the first day of Girl Scouts ConnectZ (River Valleys’ school-based outreach program targeting underserved girls), Ani glared defiantly at her new troop leader. She said she had “only joined to get out of class.” But that troop leader saw something else in the sassy, outspoken young girl—a future leader.

The troop leader asked Ani to take responsibility for helping the troop establish rules and expectations. The look on Ani’s face was pure shock! Why would anyone choose her?

Ani felt awkward and nervous, but with a little encouragement, she stepped up. Ani helped the group develop their rules and made sure each girl had a chance to speak.

That first interaction set the tone for Ani’s involvement in Girl Scouts ConnectZ. She was so proud in her new leadership role; she was often found encouraging others to join in group discussions and greeting troop members in the school hallways.

Soon Ani’s behavior began to change outside of Girl Scouts too. She was spending more time in class and less time in the principal’s office.

In Girl Scouts ConnectZ, Ani’s excitement for her future began to grow. Ani just started 10th grade, and she’s determined to maintain a 3.0 GPA. She’s also a proud peer-leader in her Girl Scouts ConnectZ troop!

Support Girls Like Ani

Ani’s future is brighter because she discovered something powerful within. Contribute today and bring the same opportunity to girls just like her.