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Camp Whispering Hills Closed for 2014 Season

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Due to significant infrastructure damage sustained during flash flooding in June and October of this year, Camp Whispering Hills will remain closed for the 2014 camp season. Damages at Camp Whispering Hills pose a significant safety hazard, and costs of remediation are estimated to be in excess of one million dollars.

Summer 2014 residential and day camps will still be held at Camps Elk River, Lakamaga, Singing Hills, and Northwoods. These camps will also be offering expanded opportunities to accommodate the closure of Camp Whispering Hills for the 2014 season.

For more information on summer camp opportunities, visit Camp.GirlScoutsRV.org. Registration for the 2014 camp season opens in December.

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  1. Anita Horne says:

    What a beautiful camp and property this was. I truly hope funds can be raised to return it to it’s glory! Please don’t close it for good!!!

  2. Tessa Ure-Bowman says:

    I worked at Whispering Hills years ago. I agree with Anita, it’s a shame about the flood damage. What is the situation now? Has any progress been made?

  3. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Tessa, Whispering Hills remains closed while the Board of Directors and Property Committee complete the 2014 property review.

  4. Ginger says:

    Any news yet? My daughter says she wants to skip camp this year and wait until Whispering Hills reopens. She was signed up for Whispering Hills last year and was transferred to Camp Elk River after the storm damage.

  5. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Ginger, One of our staff members will be in touch with you about options for your daughter. Whispering Hills remains closed while the Board of Directors and Property Committee complete the 2014 property review.

  6. Julie says:

    When is the property review supposed to be completed? My daughter would also like to go to Whispering Hills as well.

  7. Audra says:

    Will whispering hills be ready for the 2015 season?

  8. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Audra, we are not able to announce a re-opening date at this time. We will make announcements on our website and other publications as soon as that news is available.

  9. Pam says:

    Is whispering hills going to open again or are you selling it? It is a beautiful camp. Is there projects that girls can do to help?

  10. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Pam, Camp Whispering Hills remains closed at this time. Our Property Committee is currently reviewing options for the camp and will be making a recommendation to the Board of Directors at their December meeting. This recommendation will be shared with members at our Annual Meeting in January. The Board is planning to vote on that recommendation at their February meeting. Although we definitely appreciate your offer of help, the repairs to the property require commercial intervention and is out of scope for individuals and troops.

  11. Deb S says:

    Oh my – how sad! I remember my family (parents and 6 kids) spent a weekend helping to build and prep the Whispering Hills Camp to open! My dad also helped out additionally. I have fond memories of attending several sessions – Primitive Pioneers, and another with a 4 day horseback trail ride! I hope you can find creative ways to make the repairs, find the funds, and continue changing lives!

  12. Moc says:

    It is sad to see that over a year later, NOTHING has been done! Such a shame to not keep up the property. Whatever the costs were a year ago to fix it, the costs have significantly increased by letting it sit vacant for a year with no work nor maintenance being done.

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