Why We Give to Girl Scouts


Amy Kroll fondly remembers that her first experiences in making independent decisions and setting goals came through her participation in Girl Scouts. As she worked on badges, sold cookies, and collaborated with other girls on troop projects, Amy gained confidence in her ability to succeed at challenging tasks—and a future leader was born.

Amy’s passion for Girl Scouts was reignited in 2008 when she was asked to serve on the finance committee for Girl Scouts River Valleys. Since that time, Amy has steadily increased her involvement, joining the River Valleys board of directors in 2009 and being elected first vice chair of the board in 2012. As a result of these experiences, Amy has increased her appreciation of the contributions that Girl Scouting made to her life and strengthened her commitment to the organization both personally and by engaging her colleagues at Deloitte LLP in supporting the Girl Scout mission.

Amy and her husband, Ryan, share a personal mission to leave the world a better place, which includes donating their time and financial support. “There isn’t a day that I come home,” said Ryan, “where the thought doesn’t occur to me how fortunate we are, and that we have a responsibility to give back.” Their philanthropy is directed towards organizations that provide children with the same kinds of personal and character development opportunities they benefited from while growing up.

“Girl Scouts touches on a lot of different areas that reinforce really good life lessons, and it’s impressive how the girls build self-esteem and confidence as they progress through the program.”

As the parents of a daughter who became a Girl Scout Daisy this year, Amy and Ryan believe that all girls should have access to programs that enable them to discover their talents, establish positive connections with others, and develop their leadership abilities. Their giving helps makes it possible for River Valleys to increase access to Girl Scouting for girls from low-income families.

Thank you, Amy and Ryan for your generous support.

Learn more about the ways you can donate, and join the Krolls in supporting Girl Scouts River Valleys today.