Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthday Inspires Spooky Service Project

Costume Donation
A sure-fire way to get girls talking is to ask them about what they are going to be for Halloween and what their favorite costumes were in past years

To celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday (which is on Halloween) and the spirit of community, Troop 15034 from Plymouth decided to give back to other children who don’t have the resources to buy a costume.

Excited that their donated costumes could mean other kids would be able to go trick-or-treating, the Oakwood Elementary Brownies dove into their own closets (as well as their brothers’, friends’ and neighbors’) and collected 50 costumes.

At a recent troop meeting, the girls relived their fun memories and attached hand-written notes to each costume, wishing its new owner a happy Halloween.

After a search for organizations that would provide the costumes at no cost to kids, the troop donated them to Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis, where come Halloween, the halls will be filled with lions, princesses, Batmans, Buzz Lightyears, and dragons.