Robotics Isn’t Hard—It’s Fun!

Mikaela and her team decide how to program their car.Mikaela was worried Girl Scout Robotics Camp would be really hard. Even though she’s a bright, thoughtful 11-year-old who’s very interested in science and math, she’d never done Robotics before and didn’t know what to expect.

It didn’t take long on that first day of camp for Mikaela to realize Robotics wasn’t as hard as it seemed. In fact, it quickly turned into pure play. In Robotics, girls work in teams and each team works at their own pace. Imaginations really take off as girls learn there are no right or wrong answers. As they build different machines with motors, batteries, levers, pulleys and other materials, they get to try different things and see what works.

Mikaela and her team worked hard, and when their elevator tower kept falling down, they learned how important it was to not give up. They started over again and again, building the tower in at least ten different ways. Finally through trial and error, they came up with an idea that worked.

Throughout the three-day camp, Mikaela was both excited about what she learned and frustrated when things didn’t go as expected. At the end of each day, she went home and talked with her mom about what her group did that day. Her brain was in overdrive as she continued to think about the problems her team was trying to solve. She bounced ideas off her mom, saying maybe if we did this, or tried this, it would work better.

Mikaela’s mom was happy to see her so engaged and determined. Not only that, Mikaela had the chance to explore science and technology in an environment that is safe and non-judging. In the beginning, Mikaela thought Robotics might be too difficult for her to do, but as she gained confidence and saw what she was able to accomplish, it opened up a whole new world.