Girl Passes Along Lessons Learned at Camp

School photo of E'Lexis.Yolanda grew up in inner city Chicago and remembers her mom doing everything possible to make sure she learned right from wrong, including taking the family on trips to get out of the city and away from bad influences. Now with two daughters of her own, Yolanda is following her mother’s lead to make sure her girls learn good values, too.

About eight years ago, she met a few Girl Scout Cadettes and was impressed by how well they got along and how much they learned in Girl Scouts. She saw that Girl Scouts offered a positive, steady influence for the girls and knew her daughters should have that experience, too.

Every summer for the past five years, her twelve-year-old daughter E’Lexis has gone to Girl Scout camp. Before she started going to camp, E’Lexis wasn’t much of an outdoors person. She was introverted and only spent time with people she already knew.

At Girl Scout camp, E’Lexis met new people and became more aware of people different from her. She learned to place more attention on helping people in her community rather then focusing on only her own needs. Every year at camp, her confidence has grown.

Girl Scout camp made such an impression on her that now she passes along values she learned there to others. She volunteers at her church, stands up for the little guy and lets other kids know it’s not right to tease people.

Even though E’Lexis has asthma, it doesn’t keep her away from Girl Scout camp. Each year, she looks forward to trying new things and seeing the camp counselors she has gotten to know who are positive role models. Whenever she has an opportunity to go, she doesn’t hesitate to take it and can’t wait to get outside.