Hanan + Yasmin

Yasmin working on the elevator tower.Hanan and Yasmin represent a new generation growing up in Minnesota. Born in the U.S. to Somali-born parents, the 13- and 14-year-olds balance cultural traditions such as traditional dress and hijabs (headscarves) with a love of One Direction and all music streaming on Pandora.

Robotics teacher gives Hanan a thumbs-up. Prior to joining Girl Scouts ConnectZ, after-school activities available to Hanan and Yasmin focused on cooking, design and sewing. When their mom heard about Girl Scouts Robotics Camp, it piqued her interest for being new and different. She immediately registered her girls because she wanted them challenged academically and exposed to more science and technology.

At Girl Scouts Robotics Camp, a challenge is exactly what they got. While the girls were both a little shy at first, they soon settled into the rhythm of the three-day program. The camaraderie developed with their new friends meant they laughed instead of being discouraged when their tower collapsed and worked together to make it even better the second time.

While Hanan and Yasmin’s mother appreciated the exposure to science and technology in a new setting, the girls loved the teamwork and sense of accomplishment. Materials used to build the structures connected to each other in a variety of ways, encouraging them to try various channels to see what made the cars faster and more powerful. At Robotics Camp, girls learn there is not just one right answer with rewards for inquisitiveness and creativity in the form of horsepower.