Introducing a Super Cookie Lineup

blog-super-sixStarting with the 2014 Cookie Program, River Valleys will be offering the Super Six—a premium selection of the best-selling Girl Scout Cookies. This means Girl Scouts will be selling the six most popular cookie varieties come February (Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Do-si-dos and Savannah Smiles).

This change was made to help make the cookie sale easier for volunteers, Girl Scouts and their families. As part of the 2013 Cookie Program survey, our volunteers were asked if they were interested in switching to a Super Six sale and an overwhelming majority said yes.

The Super Six varieties accounted for 94 percent of total sales last year.

Please contact Product Program with any questions.


  1. trudy barsness says

    What I really would like to see is a gluten free/ dairy free cookie. I’ d like to see girl scouts recognizing the difficulties of food allergies and celebrate this for their girl scouts and all childrewho have to deal with these issues by having a cookie they can eat. It is tremendously taxing on children to be excluded and right now kids are excluded from this cookie experience, even though the troop requires them to sell the cookies. It’ s sad.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Trudy- Our bakers strive to use the most healthful ingredients available when producing Girl Scout Cookies. To date, the demand for a specialty cookie such as gluten free has not been high enough to support the production of those cookies. However, our bakers continue to experiment. We do not want any girl to feel excluded from any part of the Girl Scout experience. While we encourage to participate in the Cookie Program, no Girl Scout is required to sell cookies. If you’re being told that, please email and we’d be happy to help spread the correct information.

  2. Pat M says

    It too bad that we ill be loosing the Thank you Berry Munch and the Dulce de Leche but this should make things a lot more streamlined. Good idea!

  3. Karen says

    The other GS cookie baker (ABC) has 9 kinds of cookies. 5 have no dairy ingredients including their Thin Mint. They are also offering a gluten free chocolate chip cookie. I have asked Little Brownie Bakers for 4 or 5 years to make a dairy free cookie. It is so hard when its your daughter that is the one that is excluded and a shame when there is a choice out there that would include them. I appreciate that the Council may not want to exclude children whith allergies but the fact is my daughter has always felt excluded.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Karen- We’re sorry that your daughter has felt excluded. Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization and we work hard to ensure all girls feel welcome. We consider many factors when choosing a baker including cookie varieties, fulfillment and technology. For more detailed information, please email

  4. trudy says

    I’m so impressed that there’s cookie baker with a gluten free cookie. Actually the demand for gluten free/ dairy free items has increased a lot recently. Could you do a survey to find out the current demand, or even offer it as a special order if that made better sense?

  5. khris finger says

    I am really sad to hear no thank you berry munch.. that has become a big favorite. . I have many that like to order them to send out to troops because they are not chocolate. Will we be able to still buy them from somewhere? Online? Or something?? I hope…

  6. Ann says

    I am in the same boat as Karen, the ABC Baker cookies are far more accommodating for children with allergies, and in our case as well, dairy. It is pretty hard to have a individual “goal” of cookies to sell every year, but for the kids with a dairy allergy they can’t even try a single cookie. It is pretty hard to imagine how these kids wouldn’t feel pretty excluded, as they are expected to sell them and the flavors are asked about by buyers and talked about among children. “I hear the Thin Mints are really good” can be a decent answer, but of course that stings every time they have to say it or end up saying they have an allergy so they can’t eat any cookies. Including at least one common-allergen free cookie would be a start.

  7. Don Branom says

    A couple years back my daughter sold less than the troop average, after which we were presented with a bill for about $35 for being low sellers. The bill came with a snotty letter informing us this was cleared by the legal council for the troop. So no, sales are not forced, but financial coercion is used.

  8. Sheri says

    Please consider adding a Snickerdoodle! We hear that all the time. We are missing a cinnamon treat from our lineup. A small (like Savannah Smiles) size bite size Snickerdoodle. It would be the new rage!

  9. Katie says

    Trudy, thanks for mentioning gluten free! My family is also gluten free and so are about 9 others in my network of friends, I also have many diabetics who can not purchase from us. We still have 40 boxes frozen in our basement that we could not sell this last year because of these problems. Send em with to snack day at school and such.

  10. Girl Scouts River Valleys says

    Hi Trudy – ABC Bakers is testing the gluten free cookie this year in a limited number of markets. River Valleys will not be one of the markets.

  11. Girl Scouts River Valleys says

    Hi Khris – The Thank You Berry Munch cookies will not be available in River Valleys. This decision was made based on feedback from volunteers to help simplify the cookie sale.

  12. Girl Scouts River Valleys says

    Hi Don – I am sorry to hear about your experience. That should not have happened. If you would like to share more about your experience to help ensure it doesn’t happen again, please email with the details.

  13. Megan says

    I wish River Valleys would sell the Lemonade cookies. My girls get asked for these every year by many customers. I have tried them and they are very good. We also miss the the Lemon Chalet Cremes. The Savanna Smiles just don’t compare to either of the those!

    I also agree that that GS should seriously look into allergy free cookies. I have a daughter with a peanut allergy so I understand the concern and more and more people are asking for them. The other type of cookie that has been requested from us is a sugar-free cookie. Remember GS – Change is good and needed!

  14. Andrea says

    I have many customers that ask about gluten or dairy free cookies due to allergies also. It would be nice to have an option for them but with that said, most of these customers have supported our daughters by purchasing cookies for the donation for the troops anyway. Hope the bakers come up with a really good gluten free cookie in the next few years. 🙂

  15. Michelle says

    I wish we sold the lemonaid cookies as well since my source for them in Monticello is no longer selling. We enjoy them a lot more than the Savannah Smiles.

    I also think its a shame that there are no gluten free or dairy free cookies at this time. I have 5 families that cannot eat the cookies that my daughter sells.

  16. Julie says

    I am so glad RV made this decision to only sell the six types of cookies. I was actually thinking of having our troop do that anyway. We got stuck with quite a few of the other two last year and are having a hard time getting rid of them.

    As for the gluten free idea. I like it. It would be nice for us to sell a gluten free cookie. My daughter is gluten free and is able to sell the cookies just fine. She was the top seller of her troop. Is it a little frustrating that she can’t eat any cookies? Sure. But the point of this is to sell the cookies for money for our troop. Not eat them. She understands that and knows why she is gf.

  17. Karen says

    I also have two celiac girls scouts that need a gluten free cookie and it makes them feel badly during cookie time. And yes there is a lot of pressure to sell. Every year I sign a petition to get gluten free/dairy free Girl Scout cookies so there is a large demand.
    There are sooo many gf/dr cookies on the market that are really good, it can be done with a little work!

  18. Jessee says

    Love the Super Six Idea, but would have liked to have seen Gluten Free and Sugar Free options for customers. In the area I live my troops find it difficult sometimes because of these food restrictions. They do their best by giving a donate option but it is still asked of us why we do not have cookies that accommodate for the cookie lovers with these increasing food issues. Maybe it is something to look at for the future.

  19. Crystal Rose says

    We don’t have any food issues and haven’t had anyone ask about them yet but I would love to see some healthier options.

    Also, I’m not sure which company makes our cookies in river valley but we received A LOT of complaints about the taste. It was my daughters first year selling.

    I feel bad for our friends and family who bought them and were unhappy. I’m not sure what we’ll do this year. Limiting the cookie choices is a step in the right direction but lets improve the cookies while we’re at it.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Crystal- We are sorry to hear the cookies did not meet the customers’ expectations. We pride ourselves in the quality of Girl Scout Cookies. If you have specific feedback on the cookie varieties please send it to so we can share it with our baker.

  20. Marilyn Bunzo says

    Don Brannon, I am shocked that someone did that to you and your daughter. I was involved as a volunteer on the advisory committee for product sales for many years. I never heard that policy being discussed, promoted or in any way allowed. I am glad to see that someone from the council responded. That should not have happened. We talk about making appropriate and achievable goals for the girls. Each individual girl in the troop may have different things which they bring to the table. Some girls have access to markets at parents’ workplace(s), church, or other community centers that others do not. Some girls have circumstances that may not be obvious (and should be kept private) that deter them from being the sales and marketing go-getter that the Cookie Program promotes. However, those girls (and/or their families) may be contributing to the troop in other ways either during the sale or throughout the year in support roles. I believe that setting too much emphasis on the Product Program as a measure of the girls’ status in the troop is not a good outcome of the program, nor do I believe that the council or GSUSA intend that to be a result of the program. The troops with whom I have worked have not done so, nor have the staff or volunteers with whom I have worked on the program acted in that manner. I hope your daughter’s experience will improve.

  21. Yippy says

    We have many people that love the Savanna smiles and that will me missed. But trying new things is what keeps us on our toes.

  22. Connie says

    This last year the Tagalongs quality was not the same as previous years. Something changed. I agree with others about the Savannah Smiles not lemon enough.
    My sister who helps my daughter sell cookies, mentioned that Walmart now sells cookies that are comparable to Girl Scouts and are less expensive.
    Every year it seems harder to sell the cookies. Although you offer the chance to donate a box to many organizations it is rarely a yes.
    I believe that a gluten free cookie would do really well.
    One other thing I wish that the Girl Scout Organization would do the cookie launch closer to spring and not so close after the New Year.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Connie- The recipe and ingredients for the Tagalongs have not changed. If you have questions/comments about the taste of the cookies, we would be happy to pass them along to the baker, or you can contact the baker directly at 800-962-1718. This number is also listed on every package of cookies.

  23. Amber says

    I think this is an amazing idea. It will make the cookie selling a lot easier. My daughter thought this was a great idea as well.

  24. Tami says

    Super Six is a great, well-tested idea. My daughter was in a troop in a different council that went to the Super Six three years ago. Very few people missed the Thank You Berry Munch or the Dulce de Leche, and less troops were stuck with extra product.

    I found it interesting that someone had requested a sugar free cookie. Little Brownie Bakers had Sugar Free chocolate chip cookies when my Cadette was a Daisy, and they were the council’s least popular cookie. By the time she was a Brownie, it was discontinued. Perhaps that’s why LBB doesn’t offer them?

  25. Jodi says

    I would just LOVE if the sale happened later for a few reasons…people are sick of all the sweets after a month of holiday parties and Christmas cookies, people are still working on that weight loss NY resolution, it is cold out, no one has money right after Christmas. Waiting a bit would make those door to door sales easier and cookie booths that are frequently outdoors not so bone chilling. Also, with the current timing, the cookie process with training begins in the Nov/December time frame, when no one really wants to take the extra time for all of that. It would be nice to not have to start that until after the holidays.
    On another note…I am appalled that the one troop would give the low selling girls family a bill. How terrible is that! Not exactly the lesson girl scouts wants to teach the girls. Adding the note, just makes it mean and almost bullying, in my opinion. My troop has had low selling girls for various reason and we still made a point to celebrate what they contribute. One girl, although only selling maybe 30 boxes her last year received a certificate for biggest leap in sales percentage wise out of the girls knowing she was extremely introverted and selling cookies was very hard for her. Every girl/family has something to offer the troop and something to celebrate. Don, my heart goes out to you and your daughter. That is not what girl scouts is about. I hope she can continue in scouting and find the positive things it has to offer.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Jodi- First, thanks for your suggestions on ways to help make all girls feel included in the Cookie Program regardless of their individual abilities. What a creative way to celebrate each girl!

      Also, thank you for your feedback on the timing of the Cookie Program. The current timing allows for the cookie sale to be completed and girl rewards to arrive in May. We know many troops break for the summer and we wouldn’t want the girls to have to wait until fall to receive the reward items they worked so hard for. Additionally, the sale occurring in February–March has the added bonus of simplifying cookie storage. Many of our sister councils in warmer climates need special storage to keep the chocolate varieties from melting.

  26. Mary says

    I see a number of comments here about gluten free and the response that there hasn’t been the demand for the baker to make them but I have to say we are just about a week into sales and I’ve had more questions about “which cookie is gluten free” than I can even keep count of anymore especially since some councils have gluten free cookies already (from what I hear). There is a GREAT demand for gluten free and I can’t believe it wouldn’t be cost effective to have one (as long as it is still a tasty treat).

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Mary. A gluten free chocolate chip shortbread cookie is being tested in a limited number of markets this year though River Valleys is not one of the test markets. River Valleys and our baker will be following what our sister councils learn from this market test including customer demand and feedback.

      Our baker, Little Brownie Bakers, strives to use the most healthful ingredients available when producing Girl Scout Cookies. We encourage all volunteers, Girl Scouts, families, and potential customers to let the baker know about demand for specific types of cookies. Our baker can be reached at or 800-962-1718.

      If you would like to learn more about the gluten free chocolate chip shortbread cookie, including which councils are included in the test, please visit