Quietly + Confidently Paving Her Own Way

blog-ellen-gold-storyEllen isn’t the loudest person in the room and it might take a little while to get to know her. But if you stop a moment to see her with her friends, you’ll realize that she is a leader and caregiver. When her friends are stuck on what to do for fun over the weekend, she’ll speak up and make the decision, and when someone gets hurt and needs a band aid, she’s got that covered too.

It’s Ellen’s subtle confidence that allows her to be a leader, and it’s that same confidence that also helps her pave a route through life that is unique to her interests and goals. Not only was the recent high school graduate a trumpet player in the marching band and a competitor on a club ski team, but she also earned her brown belt in karate and was one of the first girls at her school to take a metalworking class.

Ellen is especially proud of her participation in metalworking. She and a couple other girls signed up for the class, which had typically been comprised of “boys that work on their trucks.” As you can imagine, that type of environment might be intimidating for a teenage girl—but that didn’t stop Ellen. The art of metalworking sounded cool and she didn’t hesitate to sign up.

So where does Ellen’s boldness come from? Much of it comes from Girl Scouts.

Ellen says, “I think my life would be really different if I wasn’t in Girl Scouts.” Through Girl Scouts, Ellen has had the chance to do things that she is really proud of, which has taught her to believe in herself.

One of her most recent achievements in Girl Scouts was earning her Gold Award. She spent countless hours planning, emailing, talking and coordinating efforts to implement a lifesaving program called File of Life. In communities where she introduced this program, people now have a health history file they keep with them at all times. Because of her, medical workers will have the right health information at their fingertips for hundreds of people in the event of an emergency.

It’s opportunities like her Gold Award project that have challenged Ellen and shown her that she can make an impact through her very own actions. Girl Scouts dares girls like Ellen to tackle big issues, try things that others may have never done before—and to be bold.


  1. Bob & Marcia says


    You are awesome! You continue to amaze us as we have kept up with you, over the years, through conversations with Mom.

    The Gold Award – WOW!!! And, as it grows, your File of Life project will just continue helping and helping and helping. Thank you.

    And, now it’s off to a new and different adventure as you begin this next leg of your life – college!

    Love & Pride, Us

  2. Grandma Scharfenberg says

    Good Morning Ellen,
    Grandpa and I can’t believe that it is time for you to leave for college. We are proud of you and know that you will do well on this new adventure. Make some new friends, join in on some activities, be good to your roomate and of course study hard, these coming years will go faster than high school did.

    Always know that you are part of our family and that you are loved.

  3. Wendy J says

    Congratulations Ellen!! You have worked hard and earned this – what an amazing accomplishment!! Enjoy college and all the adventures that are sure to come your way, and don’t forget to come and see us (Samantha and I) when you’re home.