Just One Day of Camp Builds Confidence

blog-camp-storyWhen Tacara was a girl, she always wanted to be a Girl Scout, but living in the inner city and being raised by a young mom, she never had the chance. Now a mom herself, she’s making sure her daughter has opportunities she missed out on, including Girl Scout camp. This year her daughter Ty’Yanni experienced camp for the very first time during Discovery Day at Camp Lakamaga.

Eleven-year-old Ty’Yanni loves the outdoors, swimming and spending time at the park, but she was skeptical about attending Discovery Day. She wasn’t sure she’d have fun or if lunch would be any good. When she arrived at camp, she felt nervous because she didn’t know anyone. It wasn’t long, though, before Ty’Yanni was learning she had many things in common with the other girls and on her way to making new friends.

Throughout the day, Ty’Yanni tried new things like geocaching and kayaking. She had never kayaked before but quickly discovered she loved it and wants to do it again.

Tacara knew that Ty’Yanni would have fun at camp. What she didn’t expect was the difference a single day would make to her daughter’s communication skills and confidence. Camp Discovery Day pulled Ty’Yanni out of her comfort zone and put her in a situation where she had to interact with lots of new people. Now when she goes to the park with her mom and sees other kids her age, instead of playing by herself, she’ll walk right up to them and start talking with them.

Ty’Yanni has opened up, wants to do more Girl Scout activities and eagerly takes initiative now to meet new friends, and her mom says all of that happened because of her experience at camp.