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This Week at Camp: Hawaiian Week

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Aloha from River Valleys Camps! Alongside traditional camp activities like archery, riding horses and hikes, girls had a blast at our luaus! Girls had fun with hula hoops, the limbo and fun, festive costumes.


Camp Elk River

Girls had lots of fun this week trying out all of our camp activities like archery, low ropes, geocaching, biking and games like “Lights, Camera, Action”. We held a Hawaiian luau beach party at Lake Barbara, where girls hula hooped, rode our slip and slide, did the limbo and played musical towels.

Camp Lakamaga

On Wednesday, girls had a special treat of a concert put on by our staff. Fishing was more popular this week than any other time this summer, and girls loved making pudgy pie pizzas at cookouts. A highlight of Hawaiian week was when the girls saw the “Lavamaga” volcano erupt in a shower of sparkly lava.

Camp Northwoods

This week, Northern Highland Kayak trippers returned from their trip, while others began trips to the Chippewa Flowage and the Boundary Waters. Our wilderness trip girls were joined by Counselors-in-Training at Northwoods, and girls enjoyed horses, archery, boating and crafts as well as their time on the trail.

Camp Singing Hills

This week, Camp Singing Hills sent girls on our first level-two backpack adventure where they found “hidden falls”. Back at camp, girls enjoyed the walking challenge and not only achieved their goals, but went past them. It was a fantastic week full of smiling faces and laughter.

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