A Stage for Building Memories

blog-lakamaga-stageThe aroma of fresh-cut lumber has been floating in the summer air at Camp Lakamaga, a sign of a recent construction project. As you make your way into camp and wind your way around the Mary Randall troop house, you’ll find that project—a newly built wooden platform with an amphitheater seating area. This addition, called the Second Winds Gathering Place, can now hold performances for energetic girls and gatherings for dedicated volunteers and alumnae.

“We plan to use the platform for opening and closing ceremonies, drama acts and all kinds of other fun activities. Lights and power were just installed which will add to the fun,” said Traci Anderson, camp director.

Thank You, Robbi

This new space was made possible by the generous support of Robbi “Nite-N-Gale” Moore in memory of her parents, Lt. Col Robert and DorothyJean “Dot” Moore. Robbi was a Girl Scout growing up, and her parents were both dedicated Girl Scout volunteers for decades. A ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate Second Winds Gathering Place and the Moore family will be held on September 8. If you would like to attend, please contact Stephanie Pommier via email or phone (800-845-0787).

Tribute Naming Opportunities for Benches

If you would like to dedicate an amphitheater bench at Second Winds Gathering Place to someone special, please again contact Stephanie Pommier.


  1. Skye Moore says

    Awesome Robbi ,Thats just what this camp needed. We are definitely gonna to use it. Cant wait to see our new space !!