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This Week at Camp: Carnival Week

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blog-carnival-singing-hillsThis week’s Carnival theme brought laughs, smiles and silliness all around. Girls played classic carnival games, painted each others’ faces, wore great costumes and had fun snacks.

Camp Elk River

As always, horses were the highlight of the campers’ week. Carnival week was also a big hit, with fun games and snacks of corn dogs and cotton candy.

Camp Lakamaga

This week began wonderfully, as we saw the first set of girls on our longer adventure sessions go on a trip down the Saint Croix River. A big highlight of the week was when girls found frogs that had jumped into their kayaks.

Camp Northwoods

This week we had girls leave for a kayak trip to the Northern Highlands. (Watch next week’s video for pictures!) We also had a great closing campfire, where we held a Thunderbird Ring ceremony to honor 22 counselors-in-training, wranglers-in-training and wilderness guides-in-training for their dedication to camp.

Camp Singing Hills

This week, girls thoroughly enjoyed their camp experience which included eating pudgy pies and smores before sleeping out under the stars. Girls also had a great time trying out our new, giant “Happy Slide”.

Make sure to watch the videos from the rest of the summer too!

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  1. Jennifer David says:

    If you can please slow down the speed, it would be easier to see the photos, they go by way too fast.

  2. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Jennifer- If you’d like to get a longer look at photos, all of them are posted on Camp’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GSRVcamp). If you don’t see the ones you’re looking for on the page today, please check back in a couple of days. Hope this helps!

  3. Stacy says:

    Is there a way to download a video from this website onto our troop website?

  4. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Stacy- Our web editor will be contacting you shortly to discuss options. Thanks for the question!

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