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This Week at Camp: Around the World

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This week, girls went Around the World at our camps! As part of this week’s theme, girls learned songs and played games from around the world, and even learned some words of new languages. They also learned facts about different countries and talked about where they’d like to travel. Overall this was an amazing week at camp with lots of smiles and fun.


Camp Elk River

This week, girls at the second level of our Trip Dabbler camp went on a two-day backpacking trip. A highlight for them was putting their feet in a stream where minnows tickled them. Back at camp, girls “visited” England, South Africa, Japan and the Arctic as part of the Around the World fun.

Camp Lakamaga

With this week’s hot weather, the waterfront was very busy. The girls enjoyed swimming the most, with boating coming in a close second. Girls also had a lot of fun with the Around the World theme. They learned songs in German and Spanish as well as a song from England. They enjoyed a game called Galic from Ireland and had Chinese food for dinner.

Camp Northwoods

In the second week of the summer camp season, Camp Northwoods welcomed back three sets of girls from their wilderness trips. They also spent loads of time at the waterfront swimming and jumping on the water trampoline to deal with this crazy heat!

Camp Singing Hills

This week, girls loved learning neukemball, a fun Australian game, and trying international food. They also enjoyed refreshing time with the sprinkler to keep cool during the warm weather.

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