Join in the Fun of Snacks + Magazines

2013 mascot Blossom, a honey beeHas your troop tried Snacks + Magazines, our Fall Product Program?

This friends and family only sale runs October 5–20.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the information below to receive materials for your troop. You will have the option to have materials provided to you, or to print materials on your own. Please note there are eight pages per troop, plus 12 pages per girl to print.

Snacks + Magazines Sign Up

Please email the Product Program team if you have questions about participating in Snacks + Magazines!

Why Snacks + Magazines?

Super fun

Newly renamed “Snacks + Magazines”

Awesome rewards for girls

Customizable experience

Kick off your troop’s year

Scrumptious nuts and chocolates for customers to purchase


Make the decision to participate in snacks, magazines or both

Average troop of average size can earn $234 in proceeds

Great practice for the cookie sale

Achieve your troop’s goals

Zero money collection option available

Involvement lasts just two weeks

Nuts and chocolates make great holiday gifts

Easy activity to earn troop money early in the year

Subscriptions to your favorite magazines can be renewed or purchased


  1. Pam Manteuffel says

    Not sure how many rejoining our troop this year. Guessing 8 or 9 girls selling snacks/magazines, may have as many as 12. Thank you.

  2. Sara Dore says

    We knew our troop would not be selling this year, but we wanted to prepare the girls for the sale next year. Since we have never sold snacks before, my co-leader and I decided to register just our daughters. We are each ordering a few items as teacher gifts so that we can show all the girls and parents what the snacks are like. I think the girls will be more excited to sell and parents will be less intimidated by another fundraiser if they SEE the types of items they will be selling. We decided that this is a good solution for us instead of opting out altogether.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Sara- Letting the families see the product is a great idea to help get them excited for this in the future. Our favorites include the cashews, chocolate toffee almonds and fruit slices, plus we like to buy the chocolates in tins as holiday gifts. We sent a fun pack to every troop with a select sampling of the product. Did your troop get one? If not, please email

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Lisa, Thanks for your your interest in Snacks + Magazines! A staff member will get in touch with you soon regarding your question.