Leading Girls for 11 Years + Beyond

Nancy with troopWhen Nancy Bollweg’s daughter first enrolled in Girl Scouts, her troop was in need of another leader. Nancy graciously volunteered to help lead the group of Girl Scout Daisies. It has been 11 years since Nancy became a troop leader and she couldn’t be more proud of the eight girls she still leads today. She has seen them grow up into strong leaders who are connected to their Eden Prairie community.

Troop 10035 completed their Girl Scout Bronze and Silver Awards along with many other service projects throughout the years. For their Silver Award, the girls partnered with TWIST (Target Women in Science and Technology) to organize Tech Savvy classes for senior citizens at their local library. They finished their award in the spring of 2012 and continue to teach classes once a month. “It has been really fun to watch the girls grow through this project,” said Nancy with a beaming voice. “At first they were so shy, and now they have no problem asking seniors exactly what they need help with.”

Nancy with troop in winterSo, what is Nancy’s secret to keeping a troop of eight girls together for 11 years? She says the key has been adapting to the girls’ schedules. “My philosophy is to have Girl Scouts twice a month, keeping it a ‘special’ thing and working with the girls’ schedules,” explains Nancy. Throughout the years they have changed days and times that they meet, all to fit with what the girls have going on. “Now that the girls are in high school, they have sports and other after-school activities. We might meet on a Friday one time and on a Sunday afternoon the next time.” Nancy also notes that if they have a big service project or event one month, they may only meet once to make sure the girls don’t get burned out.

As Nancy and her troop look ahead to the future, they have a solid plan in place. They plan to continue teaching a monthly Tech Savvy Seniors class, finish all their journeys and earn their Gold Award next year. For Nancy, she is not sure what her next big service unit project will be, but she knows for sure she will be there supporting and cheering on the girls as they finish their Girl Scout journey.