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This Week at Camp: Space Week

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blog-lakamaga-space-weekWe found ourselves amidst many interesting characters as Space Week introduced us to aliens from across the galaxy. The girls had loads of fun dressing up for dinner with aluminum foil and lots of antennae. They also thoroughly appreciated the hard work of our cooks to make them alien cupcakes.

Camp Elk River

The girls enjoyed going to connection time where they got to learn more about things at camp that interested them most, such as swimming and drama. They loved this week’s special all-camp space event–they went on a rocket moon search!

Camp Lakamaga

The girls’ favorite activities this week were swimming, boating, low ropes and archery. Our staff enjoyed the forever changing faces of both girls and staff coming to camps for trainings. We ended our wonderful week with a roaring fire, with several skits, lots of songs and much laughter.

Make sure to watch the videos from the rest of the summer too!

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